The many new domains now becoming available on the web are called gTLDs or generic Top-Level Domains (TLDs). Like the original TLDs – .COM, .ORG, .NET – the new gTLDs are part of what people type into the address bar of their web browsers to get to your website.

Thanks to these new domains, your website address can now describe who you are or what you do. For example, .PHOTOGRAPHY, .BUILD and .ATTORNEY all tell visitors something about what you offer. With a gTLD, you get a web address that’s specific to you and easy to remember so you can find more customers online.

.abogado .academy .accountant .accountants .actor
.adult .agency .amsterdam .apartments .archi
.army .art .associates .attorney .auction
.audio .auto .band .bank .bar
.barcelona .bargains .bayern .beer .berlin
.best .bet .bid .bike .bingo
.bio .black .blackfriday .blog .blue
.boutique .brussels .build .builders .business
.buzz .bzh .cab .cafe .camera
.camp .capetown .capital .car .cards
.care .career .careers .cars .casa
.cash .casino .catering .center .ceo
.chat .cheap .christmas .church .city
.claims .cleaning .click .clinic .clothing
.cloud .club .coach .codes .coffee
.college .cologne .community .company .computer
.condos .construction .consulting .contractors .cooking
.cool .country .coupons .courses .credit
.creditcard .creditunion .cricket .cruises .cymru
.dance .date .dating .deals .degree
.delivery .democrat .dental .dentist .desi
.design .diamonds .diet .digital .direct
.directory .discount .doctor .dog .domains
.download .durban .earth .eco .education
.email .energy .engineer .engineering .enterprises
.equipment .estate .eus .events .exchange
.expert .exposed .express .fail .faith
.family .fans .farm .fashion .finance
.financial .fish .fishing .fit .fitness
.flights .florist .flowers .football .forsale
.foundation .frl .fun .fund .furniture
.futbol .fyi .gal .gallery .game
.games .garden .gent .gift .gifts
.gives .glass .global .gmbh .gold
.golf .graphics .gratis .green .gripe
.group .guide .guitars .guru .hamburg
.haus .health .healthcare .help .hiphop
.hiv .hockey .holdings .holiday .horse
.hospital .host .hosting .house .how
.immo .immobilien .industries .ink .institute
.insurance .insure .international .investments .irish
.jetzt .jewelry .joburg .juegos .kaufen
.kim .kitchen .kiwi .koeln .land
.lat .law .lawyer .lease .legal
.lgbt .life .lighting .limited .limo
.link .live .loan .loans .lol
.london .lotto .love .ltd .ltda
.luxury .maison .management .market .marketing
.markets .mba .media .melbourne .memorial
.men .menu .miami .moda .moe
.mom .money .mortgage .moscow .movie
.nagoya .network .news .ngo .ninja
.nrw .nyc .observer .okinawa .one
.ong .onl .online .ooo .organic
.osaka .paris .partners .parts .party
.pet .photo .photography .photos .physio
.pics .pictures .pink .pizza .place
.plumbing .plus .poker .porn .press
.productions .properties .property .protection .pub
.qpon .quebec .racing .realty .recipes
.red .rehab .reise .reisen .rent
.rentals .repair .report .republican .rest
.restaurant .review .reviews .rich .rip
.rocks .rodeo .ruhr .run .saarland
.sale .sarl .school .schule .science
.scot .security .services .sex .sexy
.shiksha .shoes .shop .shopping .show
.singles .site .ski .soccer .social
.software .solar .solutions .soy .space
.store .stream .studio .study .style
.sucks .supplies .supply .support
.surf .surgery .swiss .sydney .systems
.taipei .tattoo .tax .taxi .team
.tech .technology .tennis .theater .theatre
.tickets .tienda .tips .tires .tirol
.today .tokyo .tools .top .tours
.town .toys .trade .training .tube
.university .uno .vacations .vegas .ventures
.versicherung .vet .viajes .video .villas
.vin .vip .vision .vlaanderen .vodka
.vote .voting .voto .voyage .wales
.wang .watch .webcam .website .wedding
.wien .wiki .win .wine .work
.works .world .wtf .在线 .موقع
.公司 .移动 .我爱你 .москва .онлайн
.сайт .орг .商店 .商嗩唍 .中文网
.娱乐 .संगठन .网络 .بازار .شبكة
.机构 .みんな .游戏 .企业 .xyz
.yoga .yokohama .zone